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What is G-college?

G-college is a non-profit organization, created with the aim of bringing equal opportunities to Vietnamese students. For more information about G-college, enter here.

Does G-college have an office?

No. G-college is a remote non-profit organization with members all around the world, which make it physically impossible to have an office.

Who are G-college members?

G-college was founded by Dang Thuy Linh - an alumnus of the National Technological University. She is currently working as a Senior Strategy Manager at Zalando (a leading e-commerce group in Europe).

Promised to uphold high standards within the organization, members of G-college are carefully selected. They have a lot of experience living abroad & working for large reputable multinational corporations.

What are G-college's products and their offers?

G-college has three major products: Singapore, Young Scholars, and Global Career. For more information, enter here.

Besides, G-college has two scholarships given out to students every year. Find out more

Is G-college a study abroad counseling center?

No. G-college is a non-profit organization, not a study abroad consulting company.

However, G-college still has a representative in Vietnam to support, advise and answer questions from students and parents.

Who can participate in G-college programs?

G-college's programs are mostly aimed at high school students and university students, who are intending to study abroad or are looking for a career direction.

To learn more about each program as well as participants, you can visit

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