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​Young Scholars

An online training program that helps grade 9 to 11 students with education planning, skill development, and profile building for their college applications.


G-college Young Scholars

Education planning in a strategic & productive way.

GYSP will help you:

  1. Choose a major that is suitable for your aspirations & abilities.

  2. Choose a country & university that matches your profile and financial needs.

  3. Build essential soft skills & essay writing to support college admission.

G-college Young Scholars

Coach & mentors with scholarship experiences.

GYSP coaches and mentors all have extensive experience studying, living and working overseas, therefore able to give useful advice regarding college admission, essay writing, student life as well as post-graduation opportunities, among other topics.

G-college Young Scholars

Build outstanding profiles for college application.

Besides workshops & take-home exercises, GYSP students also take part in various skill-building activities that are essential for their college admission, for example: resume writing, presenting, public speaking, networking, planning, teamworking, etc.

Program Structure


Phase 1
 (10 weeks)

  • Build self-awareness

  • Find your dream, passion & Ikigai

  • Choose a potential university major

  • Presentation & speaking skills

Phase 2
Education Planning (10 weeks)

  • Identify education goals

  • Conduct gap analysis

  • Prepare a profile-building plan

  • Networking & mentorship skills

Phase 3
Profile building & essay writing (12 weeks)

  • Analyse admission requirements

  • Prepare financial plans

  • Try a mock application

  • Practice essay-writing

  • Planning & teamwork skills


Tran Thi Lan Huong
Class Consultant

Founder of Thoga Project
(HCM, Vietnam)

Coach at IAG Academic
Studying Psychology at the University of Education (HCM)
Luong Van Can Talent Fund

Dang Thuy Linh

Program Coach

Senior Strategy Manager
Zalando Group
(Berlin, Germany)

A* Star Singapore Scholarship
ASEAN Scholarship
​CFA (Singapore Scholarship)

​Hoang Thi Cham Anh

Class Consultant

Work at TH School, Vietnam
​(Hanoi, Vietnam)​

Studying International & Comparative Education at Stockholm University (Sweden)​
​Master's Scholarship (Sweden)



Get Started


Students in grade 9 and grade 10, intend to study abroad but have not yet determined a suitable study plan.

This package includes:

Discover yourself
Study abroad strategy

1:1 mentorship




Students in grades 9 through 11, need long-term support in planning or studying abroad and building a profile.

This package includes:

Discover yourself
Study abroad strategy

1:1 mentorship

Fast-track (May)


11th-grade students that need urgent assistance in planning or studying abroad and building a profile.

This package includes:

Discover yourself
Study abroad strategy
1:1 mentorship

Fast-track (August)


11th graders that need urgent assistance in building their profiles and applying to universities.

This package includes:

Discover yourself
Study abroad strategy

1:1 mentorship

*All costs of GYS will be contributed to the G-college Scholarship Fund, awarding scholarships to deserving or disadvantaged students.

Pricing Register


GYSP only opens applications 3 times a year, and each batch will be limited to accepting a maximum of 10 students to ensure the quality of the program.




Select 2 packages

Get-started & Full-suite.

Select pack
Fast-track (May).



G-college Young Scholars

1. Registration

Refer to the information about GYSP and register via the link.

G-college Young Scholars
G-college Young Scholars

2. Parents advisory and approval

3. Join & payment

Advised on suitable program packages via email and make decisions of joining the program by signing our “Letter of Consent”.

Join the first Workshop of the GYSP and finalize payment as instructed.


I am in grade 12, is it too late for me to join the program?

No problem! Although time is limited, you can still join the program's "Fast-track" package.

I will still have a personal assessment and set goals like other packages, but it will be faster (1 to 2 weeks), and mainly I will focus on discussing study abroad plans with my Mentor.

I am in grade 8 or 9, is it too soon for me to join the program?

Of course not! Preparing early is a good thing. Joining early will help me have more time to learn about myself from the beginning to have a suitable path for the future.

Consider the
"Starter" package. Have the courage to direct your own path!

I want to study abroad but I don't know where to start, what to study, and what to do!

Just be calm. You are not the only one feeling vague about the plan for your future.

The first step we should do is to understand what you like, what you want to do, so that, you will have a clearer goal for the future.

If you are in 10th or 11th grade, you can consider two packages "Full-suite" and "Fast-track".

Still have questions?

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