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The G-college Young Scholars Award (GYA) is currently closed.

Please wait for the next application opening in May 2022.

Young Scholars Award is an activity of G-college Young Scholars with the desire to help students assess their study abroad preparation progress and provide truthful information about their study abroad journey. From there, students will have appropriate orientations about studying abroad.

Young Scholars Award will select 04 winners to award G-college Young Scholars scholarships along with other awards.



500.000 VND cash

GYSP 100% Scholarships

​Full-suite Pack with Mentor


300.000 VND cash

GYSP ​100% Scholarships

​Full-suite Pack with Mentor

200.000 VND cash

GYSP ​50% Scholarships

​Get-started Pack


For all students participating in the Young Scholars Award contest, they will receive a certificate from G-college Young Scholars with a certificate of participating in the Young Scholars Award contest.

How to apply

Candidates send back to BTC their contest products through the Application Form.


Candidates are free to create content related to the topic.

​Suggested content

The reason you want to study abroad (what, what event, who influenced)

Future dreams, plans, expectations.

Dream study abroad destination.

My difficulties and worries about my plans to study abroad.

The process of conquering dreams.

Personal perspective when, after studying abroad, etc.

Content presentation format

Write a short article (about 250-600 words) with a media publication (photo or video) illustrating your article.

If the media section is a collection of images or videos, ask the candidate to cite the full source in the Application.


Which participants can apply?

Candidates applying for the exam must meet the following conditions:

  • Is a Vietnamese citizen

  • Is in a middle school or high school student in Vietnam

  • Join as an individual

  • Use Vietnamese

  • Studying and intending to study abroad

  • Have a desire to orient a career from an early age

Time to receive applications

from 20/11/2021 to 05/12/2021 (23:59 PM)


from 06/12/2021 to 11/12/2021 (23:59 PM)

Marking criteria:

  • Write on the right topic.

  • Show the candidate's research on the topic of studying abroad.

  • The content of the article is creative, authentic, showing personal colours.

  • The illustrations/videos are attractive, lively, well-invested and suitable for the content (plus points for the part designed by the contestant).


Each account is allowed to do all the above voting methods, but each method only counts 1 point (for example 1 react, 2 comments, 2 shares coming from the same account will only count at most 1 point, 2 points, and 3 points)


  • Entries will be posted on a first-come, first-served basis. If after the announcement date of posting photos of each batch, you still don't see your contest photos posted on the page, please contact the organizers by texting the G-college Young Scholars page for support.

  • One account can vote for many different entries.

  • The organizing committee will choose the winner according to the total score from high to low.

  • The organizing committee will appreciate the entries that are carefully invested and stand out in terms of content and illustrations.

Voting methods​

01 react = 01 point

01 comment = 02 points

01 share = 03 points


  • If detecting signs of cheating, using tools, support software, etc. the candidate will be deprived of the right to participate in Travel Award 2021 and all prizes (if any) will be withdrawn.

  • Attendees agree that the organizing committee has the right to use personal information and contestants' photos for the purposes of G-college Young Scholars' communication.

  • The organizating committee reserves the right to update and change the contest rules to better suit the contestants. In case there is a change in the rules as well as the time of the contest rounds, the organizers will notify the candidates through the media of G-college Young Scholars.

  • In all cases, the final decision rests with G-college Young Scholars.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact the organizers through the following means:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn