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​Global Career

Launched in June 2021, G-college Global Career is a blended mentorship program offered to Vietnamese students wanting to pursue a Master's degree overseas, especially in Europe.


We want to help Vietnamese youth develop their career through a program that consists of mentors around the globe.

Our mentors provide advice and insights about the market and share their experience working in the professional fields.

We believe that we can contribute to a generation of competitive and high-quality human resources in the domestic and foreign markets by bringing necessary and updated information according to the global job market.

We promise to bring the most practical and fun activities and products to you.


G-college Global Career


Career opportunities
Orientation skill
Requirements of each profession
Career development plan

G-college Global Career


Personal experience
Career development strategy
Profile consulting & job application
(CV & personal statement)


Nguyen Thuc Anh

Program Advisor

Strategic Manager​ at Kuok Singapore Group

​Nayang Technology University (Singapore)
A* Star Singapore Scholarship
ASEAN Scholarship Winner

Do Lien Huong

Content Developer

​Training Manager​ at Bossert Associates

Master in Psychology: Learning Sciences at Ludwig Maximilian University
(Munich, Germany)

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